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She can't remember.
They can't forget.

Pieces is a psychological drama that delves into the process of emancipating the mind from traumas suffered long ago and ultimately thriving. Being the first musical based on Dissociative Identity Disorder, it strives to take a realistic and compassionate look into the life of a multiple and her struggle to cope in a world that she can't remember experiencing. Tabby’s panic when she loses time, her mourning the childhood she was robbed, the joy and fear when she experiences love for the first time, and eventually the acceptance of each part of herself, sets the stage for this vibrant show. Featuring an electric score that highlights the separation and eventual rejoining of the characters, this new musical reaches into the deepest part of the human psyche to find how a shattered mind journeys through the dark terrors of the past and the elusive stability of the present to the hope of a brighter future.

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