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The lost story of Verona's forbidden love

In fair Verona we lay our scene. Several months before the two infamous starcrossed lovers met, the charming Mercutio and fiery Tybalt are forced to endure each others company. Due to a mysterious injury Mercutio endured while attending University, she is unable to fight. But it seems certain townsfolk have her bloodshed in mind. And so it falls on Tybalt, the self proclaimed best fighter in all of Verona, to be Mercutios bodyguard. Much to their displeasure. Oil and water had a more harmonious pairing. And yet, in time glaring eyes and caustic tongues soften just enough for a begrudging admiration to take root and possibly something more. Something quite unexpected. But Verona is not safe for wild hearts. And when the head of the Capulet clan begins to suspect their secret glances and rouged cheeks, she will stop at nothing to tear them apart. Their ill fated ends were written in the stars but, perhaps, so was their forbidden love.

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